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Integrating Awareness into Our Lives

Respire is a safe and free space to nurture our mental, physical and spiritual health.


It is reflection, pause, relief and recharge.


In Latin America we say "fresquito" when we recover peace after a difficult moment. We want to offer you that, a little chill, a little breather for your heart.


At respire we love science and we want to use it as a tool for growth and inner peace. We like to honor our body and in turn our spirit. Here we understand that we, as human beings, are not static, we are dynamic. We trust in the magic of change and although many times difficult situations cannot be avoided, we do want to share well-being tools such as meditation and breathwork with the world, in order to make us more resilient, happier, more present, more humane and fulfilled.


At respire learning and updating is the key to nourishing the body, soul and spirit. We like to read, take courses, go to school, travel and discover new forms of well-being around the world.


Workshops for companies and groups on mental health and stress management tools​.
Yoga teaching
Kundalini Yoga Breathing


1:1 Learn how to nourish your body and mind through breathing and meditation


Breathing and Meditation Circles by a magical cacao ceremony

Magnified Grass

Meet our breathing instructors


Breathing Trainer

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"When you have the power to change something as subtle, fundamental and as basic as your breath, your life changes on other levels. There is a vague belief that we have to start big in order to see results, the micro little changes that come from the simple and the subtle are those that truly have the power to transform our life"

Char Tamason, USA

Andrea is an amazing breathwork coach. With her gentle guidance I was able to have some big releases, and the sessions have also helped me to breathe more deeply every day. Three months later I am still practicing one of the exercises she taught me every day because it has helped so much with my busy mind and anxious feelings.

Andrea Plata, Spain

I want to express my eternal gratitude for how my life has undergone a significant transformation since you taught me the art of breathing and guided me to understand the importance of nourishing my soul with the most powerful sustenance: breathing and meditation.
Forest Trail

start breathing, start healing

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