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About us

We love science and we want to use it as a tool for growth and inner peace.

We like to honor our body and in turn our spirit.

I'm Andrea!

I am Colombian, currently living in Thailand, this country has gifted me the opportunity to work even more on the passion that awakened over 12 years ago. It has enriched me with its culture, tranquility, teachings, and Buddhism.

and I'm thrilled to welcome you to a corner of my world where passion meets purpose—Mental Health and Breathing. Join me as I unravel a snippet of my journey, a tale of twists, turns, and the incredible power of the breath.

Picture it: 2013, a 25-year-old me navigating life as a trader in the Colombian market exchange. Everything seemed perfect—I was riding high, making strides in my career, and even decided to dive into entrepreneurship with my then-boyfriend. And then, like a plot twist in a novel, life hit the reset button.

One day, I woke up to nothing—no job, no boyfriend, no business. Bankruptcy knocked on my door, but worse, I lost faith in myself. It was a moment of darkness, a place so deep that Britney Spears' 2007 head-shaving escapade seemed like a stroll in the park compared to my struggles. Yet, in that abyss, I found the courage to shake things up.

I tried it all—plant medicine, spiritual retreats, sessions with doctors and psychologists. While they offered solace, it was the simple act of breathing that turned my world around. Breathing became my ally, pulling me from the depths and guiding me back to solid ground.

Ever pondered why breathing stands alone as a function we can consciously control? We can't manipulate our digestion or command our senses, but the breath—oh, the breath is both automatic and within our conscious grasp. It became clear to me: breathing is not just inhaling and exhaling; it's a powerful tool that influences our physical and mental states.

And so, I stand here today, compelled to share the magic of intentional breathing, to unveil the techniques that transformed my life. Join me in exploring the profound impact of breath on our well-being. Let's make breathing not just a bodily function but a conscious, transformative force—a beacon of resilience and empowerment.

Together, let's breathe life into a new chapter.

I'm Tomas!

I am a bilingual Consultation Liaison Psychiatrist with a tele-health practice serving the population of New York City. I trained at the Icahn School of Medicine Mount Sinai Morningside and West Psychiatry Program, and I am qualified to provide mental health care through medication management and psychotherapy.

Through my years of experience working with patients from multiple cultural backgrounds, and my own experience adjusting to the lifestyle changes and demands of a different culture, I have learned the importance of providing culturally competent treatment. We will work as a team to find the best treatment options that accommodate your lifestyle, schedule, and cultural background.

As we work together, we will explore your symptoms and find appropriate management to reduce the burden of your stressors, aiming to achieve your goals in treatment.

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