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Kundalini Yoga Outside

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"When you have the power to change something as subtle, fundamental and as basic as your breath, your life changes on other levels. There is a vague belief that we have to start big in order to see results, the micro little changes that come from the simple and the subtle are those that truly have the power to transform our life"

Meditation Group

Breathwork is 'the art and the science of applying the power of breathing" for health, for growth, for change, awareness and inner peace.


We breath 23.000 times/day and mostly we are not conscious about that. Could you imagine if we were conscious of breathing only 1%/ per day?


If we are in peace, focus and in a state of love is most likely we can do whatever we want and manifesting our dreams.

Breathing is a subconscious process, which means that our bodies do without us consciously thinking about it.

Breathing as a healing tool has been used in various cultures and traditions around the world for centuries with the intention to help individuals cultivate a deeper connection with their spiritual selves and with the divine, while also promoting physical and emotional well-being.


Cacao can be used as a tool to activate the heart (the 4th Chakra; Anahata). It has been used by various indigenous cultures in Central and South America for centuries, and has recently gained popularity in spiritual and wellness communities in the form of cacao ceremonies.


The cacao ceremony is a spiritual practice that involves the consumption of ceremonial-grade cacao (known as “criollo” variety of cacao) in a ritualized setting.


The goal of the ceremony is to use cacao as a tool to invoke, open and activate the heart, our inner guide, by meditating, performing breathing exercises, chanting, and singing. As a result, we experience a deep connection with our inner selves, and cultivate a sense of community.

Cacao Ceremony

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